Applications are being accepted for two new courses in Urban Studies at Ambedkar University, Delhi.

BA in Sustainable Urbanism


The progressive urbanisation of the world’s population has multiple implications that range from the social to the ecological. Even as cities are widely seen as the embodiment of aspiration, infrastructures are severely under stress and ecological crisis, manifesting in many instances through disasters, awaits the urban future. South Asia is home to five of the ten largest megacities in the world, even as smaller urban centres are growing faster. There is a clear need for a cadre of engaged practitioners to respond to the urban challenge. The BA in Sustainable Urbanism is designed to prepare technically strong, analytical, and socially engaged practitioners. Graduates should be in a position to evaluate existing urban technologies in terms of their design, social interests, and control including the potential for democratic governance. The programme draws on the broad fields of urban studies, sustainability and planning, while adapting them to the specific Indian urban context.

The deadline for application to the BA programme is 5 July, 2018.

MA in Urban Studies


The programme aims to produce graduates who bring a humanistic approach to the urban even as they are conversant with its technical and analytical aspects. Our specific emphasis is rooted in the realities and experiences of the Global South, and we aim to set up continuous interactions between the classroom and the field. The programme should appeal to: college graduates in fields with overlapping interests, including Planning, Sociology, and Geography; graduates of various disciplines interested in a PG programme that offers specialization in a contemporarily-relevant field; and practitioners with experience as researchers, civil society advocates, and city planners who would like to think through their experiences in a systematic manner and to retool going forward.

The deadline for application to the MA programme is 30 June, 2018.

Please visit Ambedkar University Admissions website for more details on the courses and to apply.

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