Mandalay University is one of the two earliest universities to be founded in Myanmar, the earliest being Yangon University. The predecessor to the present Arts and Science University was initiated as Mandalay College in 1925, to be upgraded to Mandalay University College in 1947 and eventually named Mandalay University in 1958.

Mandalay University has undertaken as its mission to promote high quality teaching, training and developing new generations, establishing a sound infrastructure and conducting state-of-the-art research. There are also increasing collaborative engagements with all stake-holders and with our local and international partners with the aim of contributing to advancement of knowledge.

Being a learning place with long traditions, this university has as its core values high quality education, academic-oriented research and progress in applied research, internationalisation and contribution to the needs of local and global community aligned with environmental responsibility.

With a well-established management and department system, administrative and academic functions on campus and collaborations with partners elsewhere can be effectively carried out. The 12 social science departments and natural science departments have undertaken as their duty to develop and enrich the knowledge and experience of our valued students, ensuring a bright future for them and for our nation.

A variety of programmes including undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered by the arts and science departments in addition to MBA degree programmes catered by the Economics Department. To enable the conduct of continuous and practical research relevant to the changing needs of the society, there are also masters of research programmes for both the arts and sciences streams. Doctor of philosophy is the highest degree offered by this university.

In the development of human resources, the role of library facilities cannot be overlooked. Students and staff are provided with resources for learning and research along with academic support by the library.

In order to orient students’ learning experience towards a more practical nature, the University Research Centre fulfils the learning requirements of Mandalay University students. This centre caters for experimental and practical needs of our students from six different departments, namely chemistry, physics, botany, zoology, geology and geography. With this exposure to and application of standard research practices and procedures, learning experience, experiments and challenges to be faced in respective disciplines will undoubtedly become invaluable in the development of a human resource capable of handling and overcoming challenges of the Knowledge Age, in this ever-advancing 21st century.

Thida Win,

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