Emmanuel Ekow Arthur-Entsiwah

I am an ICT professional with 8+ years of experience in the provision of ICT support including but not limited to website development, networking, Office application management, Graphic Design, computer hardware and software. I am also part of the E-learning team at the University of Ghana Computing Systems where we train and support faculty and students in the use of Sakai Learning Management System. I have had the opportunity to attend professional IT training programmes in Systems Audit, Networking, Database Administration and Visual Basics. I have some knowledge in the use of Articulate Storyline to create interactive E-learning Courses.

My academic interest is in the area of Educational Technology. With a combined degree in Computer Science and Physics and a Masters in Distance Education and E-Learning, all from the University of Ghana, I look forward to pursuing a PhD in Educational Technology someday. A scholarship for another Masters in Educational Technology as a ‘precursor’ to a PhD in Educational Technology won’t be a bad idea. I am currently stationed at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana as the Principal ICT Officer.

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