Liling Huang - Profile Picture
Liling Huang

I am an associate professor at the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University and am also the former director of an NGO, Organization of Urban Re-s, in Taiwan. I enjoy working with students and community organizers, but sometime also suffer from my approach, as it is always a process of negotiating, building up consensus and putting into actions.

The politics in Taiwan gives university professors some freedom to connect to and change social realities. I am a planning researcher, and I do not see my research and teaching as separate from practice. Planning is an applied science and deeply connected to the social sciences and humanities. Even more so because the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning has emphasized ‘planning with people’ since it was founded. In the consortium, I hope to contribute through my knowledge on urbanism and community mobilization. And I will utilize the feedback from participants, whether in distant or similar disciplines, to reflect on and improve my works.

Project: Urban Squatting: A Community-University Axis of Resistance

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